IT Portfolio Management Lessons Learned

USAF technology worker | portfolio management(August 22, 2008) — This presentation tells the story of how IT Portfolio Management came to the USAF.

In the spring of 2001, Members of Congress and their staff told the new AF CIO, “The Air Force does not know where the IT dollars are being spent; why should we increase AF IT budgets?” This statement was used as a rationale to apply reductions to the FY 2002 budget.  At the time, DoD required only a small number of Exhibit 300’s per service.

IT Portfolio Management Begins

For the FY 2003 budget, the CIO made a decision to ensure that the USAF knew where the IT dollars were. Things were about to change as a new strategy to get a handle on the IT budget was embraced.


John Gilligan was formerly CIO of the USAF

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