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Effecting Lasting Change: Leadership, Legislation, or Something Else?

I believe that most of us would describe ourselves as welcoming positive change.   However, most managers would say that change, especially in large organizations, is enormously difficult. What makes change so difficult? I frequently hear comments from those expressing a need for change that: “we just need some legislation…” or in other cases “we just need stronger leadership…”… Read More »

Making an Agile Organization

The term ‘agile’ is frequently used in today’s business environment.  Many organizations claim to be agile or profess to implement agile software development.  But what does being agile really mean? In my experience, very few organizations are actually agile in how they address every aspect of the business, much less in their software development processes.  However, the benefits… Read More »

How Do We Fix Federal IT Procurement?

Recently, there has been a good bit of media attention recently on failed Federal IT projects. The troubled launch of HealthCare.gov highlighted failures in the areas of technology, management processes, and leadership. The highly-publicized unsuccessful launch quickly led to calls for reform of Federal IT procurement practices. In another recent example, the Air Force abandoned a $1 Billion… Read More »